Ula + Lia

Ula + Lia Cashmere DK

Emerald Green

Ula + Lia  Cashmere yarn is made from the fiber of Free Range Cashmere Goats, and ii sourced through the Sustainable Cashmere Union. The fiber is collected by traditional, nomadic herder cooperatives in the Bombogar, Baatsagaan, and Jinst villages in the Gobi region of Mongolia. The extreme cold weather of the winter months causes the goats to produce incredibly fine, soft undercoats. In the spring the downy fiber is combed from the goats once they begin to shed the winter fiber.

  • Fiber: 100% sustainable Cashmere 
  • Weight: DK, 100g
  • Yards: 220 yds
  • Recommended needle: US 5-7
  • Care: Hand wash, lay flat to dry