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Summer of Socks

Our August (and final!) sock kit was created for Apricot Yarn & Supply by Sarah Wharton of Less Traveled Yarn and includes the Prickly Pear Socks by San Diego local, Renate Kamm. To learn more about Sarah Wharton and the exclusive kit she designed for our shop, watch the video below. Shop the August Kit!

From Sarah Wharton, the dyer of Less Traveled Yarn:
This sock set was designed with Arizona sunsets in mind. The colorway represents the cooling monsoon storms that provide a brief break in the summer heat of the valley and the pop of color for the toes and heels reminds me of the beautiful skies that are left behind after the storm. The monsoons are my favorite part of the summer, and the only thing that makes them bearable!

From Renate Kamm, the pattern designer:
I remember in my childhood, in the late 1950’s, socks were made from left-over yarn. Most of the time the cuff, heel, and toes sections were done with different yarn than the rest of the socks. Back then, this was not a design feature. It had to be done because there wasn’t enough yarn of one kind. I still mix different colors of yarns and find it quite ‘normal’ to make socks this way. These socks reflect this old way of making socks.

About the pattern:
Knitted from the top down, the socks start with a 1/1 ribbed cuff in contrasting color. A slipped stitch design transitions into the main color. The traditional flap heel is also done in the contrasting color. Knit stitch for the instep and purl stitch for the soles are just a little departure from the norm but it keeps the sock knitter interested and the sock wearer comfortable. Before the toes are completed in contrasting color, a mirror image slipped stitch design is worked.