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Big Bouncy Baby Blanket Knitting Kit

Field of Flowers(Cotton Candy, Berry, Lemon Chiffon, Aquamarine, Sky Blue)
Ocean (Vanilla, Aquamarine, Brushed Steel, Sapphire, Sky Blue,)
Forest (Pistashio, Forest Fern, Vanilla, Lemon Chiffon, Sky Blue)
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Big and squishy Ewe Ewe Baa Baa Bulky wool is used to make this quick knit blanket. Perfect for beginners and those knitting for baby. The yarn is made of 100% super wash merino wool and can be washed and dried for easy care.

This kit includes 5 different colors of yarn (one skein each color listed) and a paper copy of the pattern to make the Big Bouncy Baby Blanket, a garter stitch, color block blanket that measures 30"x 30".

Needles required, but not included: US 11, 32" circular