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Class: Learn to Mend

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This hands-on class will teach you four different techniques for mending areas of your knits/clothing that are either torn or simply showing signs of wear.  Do you have a favorite sweater or pair of socks that you have set aside because you're hoping to fix them?  Have you wondered how to use a darning egg or mushroom?  Learn this valuable skill so you can prolong the life of your favorite items - whether they're handknits or pieces you've purchased.  It's fun, meditative and incredibly empowering!  Whether you like the idea of "visible mending" or want to blend with the existing fabric, you will leave with the skills needed to tackle those holes or threadbare spots with confidence.
The instructor for this class is Cheryl Jackson.

Skills:  Woven darning, Swiss Darning (duplicate stitch), Blanket Stitch, and Needle Felting

Materials needed for class:
  • A 4in x 4in piece of stockinette fabric to practice Swiss Darning 
  • Bring a small ball of fingering weight yarn (wool or cotton) 
  • tapestry needle appropriate for that weight
  • Bring a piece of knitwear with a small hole in it.  (optional)