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770 Clover
771 Fiddlehead
772 Cosmos
773 Day Lily
774 Celosia
775 Lady's Slipper
776 Aster
777 Bluets
778 Morning Glory
779 Lily Pad
701 Sail
703 Leeward
706 Oar
707 Mast
710 Dinghy
712 Hawser
750 Almond (undyed)
762 Clownfish
720 Fathom
760 Tarpon
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Willet is a light, summery yarn, sourced from high-quality, responsibly grown organic cotton. The fiber's long staple length yields a deliciously soft yarn with a hint of pretty sheen. At 6 sts / inch, it works both as a sport and dk weight. In Willet's neat little stitches, we see sweet baby things, cool tanks and tees, pillow covers and summer throws, shawls, and more. Try it in a pretty lace pattern or a well-defined knit/purl texture.
Wonderful for garments for the whole family.
  • Fiber: 100% Texas grown organic Cotton. Grown, milled and dyed in the USA.
  • Weight: DK, 50g
  • Yards: 160 yds/ 146m
  • Gauge: 6 sts / inch on US 6 needles
  • Care: Machine wash gentle, lay flat to dry.
  • Sample garment: Seaside Sweater, size 2yrs

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