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Class: Cocoknits Sweater Workshop

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In this class you will learn to use the Cocoknits Sweater Method as outlined in the book Cocoknits Sweater Method. Julie Wisenberger has created this method for knitting her sweater patterns. This class is created to help you be successful knitting any of the Cocoknits sweater patterns. Taught by Sara Heckman.

To take this class, We encourage all students to have experience knitting a garment. This class is not intended for a beginner without experience making a sweater. This is not recommended for those who are not familiar with knitting in the round.

  • We will be knitting the Emma Sweater.
  • You will need to choose a bulky weight yarn or a yarn and needles to achieve 12st = 4 inches.
  • We will cover all the steps of the Emma Sweater as outlined in the book, Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. 
  • As a class we will work through each step of the construction method with homework between classes.  This is not recommended for those who are not familiar with knitting in the round.

See our samples in the shop.

Required materials:

  • Cocoknits Sweater Method book
  • yarn: bulky weight in the amount for your size of the Emma sweater 
  • needles: US 11 or those you need to meet the gauge of 12 stitches = 4 inches with your yarn choice
  •  Cocoknits Large ring markers in all colors
  • pencil
  • tapestry needle, waste yarn

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