Amano Yarn

Amano Yarn Warmi

6000 White Rose
6001 Wheat
6003 Quinua
6005 Cantu
6010 Chia
6012 Chirimoya Green
6017 Edelberry
6024 Wild Seas
6025 Moss
6026 Blue Velvet

Warmi in Quechua (The native language of the Incas) means woman or unity. At Amano, Warmi mixes soft alpaca with strong Merino wool: Making a yarn which is structurally unique and completely our own.

Experience the beautiful fruits and flowers of Peru through the color palette, available exclusively in melange colors. Extra soft and squishy, this yarn is a dream to work with and wear perfect for sweaters.

  • Fiber: 70% Baby Alpaca, 30% Merino wool
  • Yards: 164, 150m
  • Weight: Worsted, 100g
  • Care:Hand wash, lay flat to dry.