Cocoknits Stitch Holder Kit

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A must have for sweater knitters!

Cocoknits Stitch Holder kit is a unique tool to hold stitches aside when directed. Simply thread the steel tips onto the leather cord, then slip your stitches you need to set aside onto the steel tips and cord. Once all stitches are on the cord, untwist the steel tips and tie the cord in a knot. Replace the steel tips to the cord when it is time to pick up those live stitches again. Extra leather cords are available.

From Sara, owner of Apricot Yarn & Supply:

"This has become my favorite tool in my sweater tool kit. It is easy to use, the cords can be reused over and over, and the steel tips are just like you have a needle in place when it is time to knit those stitches again."